Welcome to The Paper Drawer

Posted by Shelly Murphy on

It has been a dream and continued conversation about having my own shop. It has likely been a work in progress for maybe my whole life. The name and logo came years before actually taking steps to build it. 

As a child, I would get some money from my mom and dad and ride my bike down to the shopping center. The printing press shop had a wall of 5x7 designed papers that changed frequently and that you could purchase in single sheets. I would walk in, taking in the smell of freshly printed sheets to add to my collection, maybe a blue gingham sheet with a preppy whale on it or a pale pink sheet with a green alligator. They would be kept safe in an (unused by pencils) pencil bag housed in my paper drawer.  

"Back to School" shopping was like Christmas morning: the fresh markers and crayons, perfectly sharpened pencils, an unopened spine of a notebook.

At home, we would celebrate all of the holidays with decorations, fun, and festive cards. The art of the handwritten note was ingrained in me by my mom, with torture in writing thank you notes. Penpals were big, and there was pure joy in receiving a letter from someplace far away and exotic. 

These things did not go away as I got older; the joy continued to magnify. I get the chance now to share that joy with you. Welcome to The Paper Drawer.